When a person gets ill on a weekend, a trip to Doctors Immediate Care at Naperville resolves the problem. One of the best medical care solutions available in the state of Illinois is the Doctors Immediate Care at Naperville. We are accessible anytime by calling 630-236-0900. We have the best immediate care facility and are staffed by doctors who are available all the time to handle anything and everything that is not life threatening. We are placed at 1301, South Route 59, Suite 107, Naperville, Illinois. Sometimes you may feel very drowsy, lost or sick. When there is no primary care provider available nearby, it is time to head towards our immediate care facility. Did you cut yourself somehow? Do you need to have it seen by a specialist and prefer not to wait for hours in the emergency room? Then head towards our immediate care facility. We are experts in treating the minor injuries of life, without taking much of your time. Has someone in your family got hurt? It may be a broken bone or just a badly bruise. Head towards the walk-in medical clinic located at Naperville to get it cured. Most of our immediate care facilities have the required equipment to accurately know the injury, heal you and send you quickly on your way to home to relax on your own bed. Doctors Immediate Care has the best equipment in the state to diagnose and treat minor injuries or sicknesses that are worrying you. We understand your need and will not let you wait for hours to see a doctor at an emergency room. Most of our immediate care facilities are equipped to deliver minor sicknesses of life in and out quickly. Our Immediate care facilities are also perfect at times when stitches are required for a cut or broken bones must be treated immediately. Urgent care facilities, on the other hand, are mostly important for the major sicknesses or injuries. When minutes matter, seek help at our urgent care facility. Examples can be a stroke or a heart attack.

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