School is something you start again, and it’s time to visit us for your school physical. Doctors Immediate Care is here to evaluate your child. Please connect with our medical team to schedule an appointment. We also offer walk-in medical treatment.

While you get a school physical, four important factors should be taken into consideration to discuss with your provider at Naperville IL. They are –

Immunization – The state law states that the immunizations should be kept current. We obey it strictly. It is also beneficial for the health of your child. Our provider will ask you to determine what shots your child still requires.

Evaluate – The second factor is that our provider will look for signs of current medical conditions and evaluate the family history of medical conditions. When these conditions are clearly known and treated promptly, they are usually easy to solve child health issues. The doctor will also look for trouble with child’s vision and hearing and make recommendations for further treatment as needed.

Scrutinize – The third factor is that our provider will look at what medicines the child is currently taking. He will ascertain that the child is taking the best medicines and in the correct dosage.

Asses Physic – The fourth factor is that the provider look at your child’s body mass index to make sure that the growth is appropriate.

The sports physical is similar to the school physical. We will ascertain that your child is healthy enough to participate in sports at Naperville. The doctor will consider the family history, and any injuries the child has come across to make sure they have healed properly. The doctor will also ask the child about how he is feeling, such as if he had chest pain or felt dizzy sometime. Furthermore, the child will be examined and asked about drug and alcohol abuse. These drugs include over-the-counter medications that interfere with performance. While it is highly unlike that any child will be eliminated from sports, it is indispensable to detect danger areas early.

School and sport physicals play a vital role in the health of your child. Make sure and take care of them. We are here to help you. We assure you that there will be waiting and at a low cost.

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