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Study Finds Youngest in the Class Often Diagnosed with ADHD

A disproportionate number of students who are the youngest in their class are diagnosed with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, a new Canadian study finds. The cut-off date to enter school in Canada is December 31, so those children born in December are some of the youngest in their grade. The study, which looked at children ages 6 to 12, found that boys who were born in December were 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than boys born in Read More

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Early Vitamin D Means Less Breaks Later for Girls

Drinking that whole milk might not be so bad after all. Researchers at Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine have found that more vitamin D early on means less stress fractures for teenage girls. Stress fractures, which occur with repeated stress to the bone, rather than one immediate stress, were studied among 6,712 girls–ages 9 to 15–over seven years. Close to 4 percent developed stress fractures, and 90 percent of those girls were involved in daily physical activity that included high-impact exercise. Read More

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Today most people are worried about the increasing costs for health care. With a high unemployment rate and inflation increasing day by day, many people no longer maintain a health insurance for their own. Employed people have different problems altogether. They had to choose for higher reductions from their income to meet family commitments. The most affordable health care solutions for minor emergencies are our Doctors Immediate Care facilities available at Naperville. So, when you encounter a minor emergency in Read More

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School is something you start again, and it’s time to visit us for your school physical. Doctors Immediate Care is here to evaluate your child. Please connect with our medical team to schedule an appointment. We also offer walk-in medical treatment. While you get a school physical, four important factors should be taken into consideration to discuss with your provider at Naperville IL. They are – Immunization – The state law states that the immunizations should be kept current. We Read More

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When a person gets ill on a weekend, a trip to Doctors Immediate Care at Naperville resolves the problem. One of the best medical care solutions available in the state of Illinois is the Doctors Immediate Care at Naperville. We are accessible anytime by calling 630-236-0900. We have the best immediate care facility and are staffed by doctors who are available all the time to handle anything and everything that is not life threatening. We are placed at 1301, South Read More

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